How to repair the inner tube of an electric forklift!


An electric forklift is a forklift that can work both indoors and outdoors. When working outdoors, it is inevitable to encounter rough roads. Moreover, tires become more fragile after a long period of work. As a result, tires are likely to suffer from punctures and ruptures. What should I do if I encounter this kind of problem? The most cost-effective way is to do the repairs yourself.

There are two commonly used methods for repairing the inner tube of an electric forklift, one is to use fire glue to repair, also known as hot repair, and the other is to use raw rubber to repair, also known as cold repair. Let's talk about repairing with glue first. Generally, when the perforation and rupture of the inner tube do not exceed 20mm, it can be repaired in this way. When repairing, first round and file the crack. Then, tear off the protective layer on the surface of the fire glue, stick it on the gap, clamp it with a fire patch, then pry up a corner of the nitrocellulose in the box and ignite it, the heat is transferred to the film to vulcanize it, and wait for it to self After cooling, just remove the fire patch clip. Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturer tells everyone that this is the method of repairing with fire glue.

Then let's talk about the method of repairing the inner tube of an electric forklift with raw rubber. Under what circumstances can raw rubber be used? Generally, when the inner tube is damaged seriously, it should be repaired with raw rubber. When repairing, the crack is first rounded and filed, and then a piece of inner tire skin that is suitable for the crack is filled. Apply raw glue to the damaged area two or three times. Note that each application should be done after the last applied glue has dried. After the glue dries, take a piece of raw rubber with an area slightly larger than the damaged area, wipe its surface with gasoline and stick it on the damaged area. The thickness of raw rubber is preferably 2mm~3mm. If the raw rubber is too thick, it can be baked on a fire to heat the raw rubber to 140°C and slowly thinned.

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